Wedding Dresses

How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress

How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress

A wedding dress or bridesmaid dress is usually the formal dress worn by the future bride at a wedding reception. The dress code, style, and religious significance of this dress depend entirely on the culture and religion of the wedding guests. It’s also known as the bride’s uniform. Brides are seen in a wedding party in a white or ivory bridal dress with a veil. But for some Indian and Arabian weddings, the bride may wear a black snakeskin choli or a salwar-kameez.

The style of Indian and Arabian weddings is quite different from ours. Both the cultures have their own unique traditions. In both these traditions, a bride wearing a royal-looking wedding dress is a sign of respect and dedication to the personage who has sanctioned the event. But for the conservative followers of these traditions, wearing a royal-looking wedding dress would mean disrespect towards their elders and would be considered an insult.

There are various styles of Indian and Arabian wedding dresses. There is the Kundan style or the very long-sleeved bridal dress with a long train. This style often covers the shoulders and the arms. There are also the churidars, which are knee-length skirts that come with matching choli pieces and matching saris.How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress.

These long train styles and churidars give the wearer a slim look. But this slim look is incomplete without proper matching jewelry. Jewelry can make a complete bride look glamorous. Kundan and churidar wedding dresses can be given an extra edge of elegance by the use of intricate embroidery work, zardozi, and other rich embellishments.

Most brides wear plain wedding dresses but for special occasions, designers add embellishments to the already magnificent dresses. Embroidery work can be added on a Kundan Bridal Gown or Choli to make it look even more stunning. Pearl studded Kundan Bridal Gowns and Choli can be given as a gift to the bride from her friends and relatives. These pearls accentuate the bridal jewelry beautifully. Pearl wedding dresses can be worn in any color; however, pink is the most popular choice among young brides.How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress.

Some young Indian bride shops offer custom made white wedding dresses for their customers. Customized white dresses give a completely different look to the bride. A Kundan or Choli that is customized with a monogram or floral pattern can also be worn on the wedding day to enhance its look. Customized white wedding dresses can also be given as gifts to the bridesmaids and other near and dear ones.

The Kundan and Choli styles of Indian white wedding dresses are considered traditional. However, today there are many other varieties of necklines available in the market. Some of these designs include A-Line Necklines, High Necklines, Princess Necklines, empire necklines and shape necklines. Necklines with embellishments such as embroidery, crystals, pearls, flowers and laces are also very popular these days. Kundan and Choli designed bridesmaid dresses with embroidered Kundan and Choli straps will look very attractive on bridesmaids.How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress.

Brides who prefer wearing ethnic wears may opt for Kerman, Safi and Tibetan styles of Indian ethnic wedding dresses. Some of these dresses are sequined, while others come in plain style. In case the bride is looking for an ethnic wear that is not too traditional, she may consider Pakistani and Urdu designs. Brides may also choose a strapless gown, if they feel uncomfortable wearing full length or floor length gowns. The A shape neckline is equally popular among brides and bridesmaids. The Kerman, Safi and Tibetan styles of Indian ethnic wear are perfect for these special occasions.

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