Shipping & Delivery

We are proud to supply international shipping services that presently operative in over two hundred countries and islands world wide. Nothing means that additional to the North American nation than transfer our customers nice worth and services. we are going to still meet the requirements of all our customers and can mature, delivering services on the far side all expectations, anyplace within the world.

How will we ship packages?

Packages from our warehouse from China are shipped to you by ePacket or EMS betting on the burden, size, and specifications of the merchandise. Shipping from our North American nation warehouse is shipped through an independent agency. merchandise from alternative countries is sent through the most authentic procedures.

Do we ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. we offer free or normal shipping to over two hundred countries around the world. However, there are some locations, that don’t seem to be sleek to ship. If you happen to be settled in one among those countries, we are going to contact you or hunt for higher ways in which.

What regarding customs?

We don’t seem to be answerable for any custom fees once the things have shipped. By getting our merchandise you consent that, one or additional packages could also be shipped to you and will get further custom fees (if applicable), whenever they arrive in your country.

How long will the shipping take? Shipping time varies by location. These are our average estimates: