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The Basics of Men’s Blazer

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The men’s blazer isn’t by any definition a true jacket or an outer garment that is cut separately from trousers, clearly distinguishing it from an everyday suit. Rather, the blazer simply is an ideal way to add an array of outfits into your wardrobe by combining them with almost anything in your wardrobe from a nice pair of jeans to another more colorful colored trouser such as the gentleman in the picture above has done on top. The key to wearing a men’s blazer successfully, however, doesn’t lie in the fact that you’re automatically looking cooler than everyone else in your street! It’s important also that you know how to wear one because not all blazers are the same. Below are some simple pointers and instructions to follow in order to find out how to wear your blazer to its fullest advantage!The Basics of Men’s Blazer.

If you are looking to wear your blazer more often then it might be worth considering a sport coat. A sports coat is a less formal version of a traditional blazer, which is normally made from heavier wool or denim. Sport coats are perfect for casual weekends, holidays and evenings, and can easily be dressed up or down with a change of shoes or trousers. For example, if you fancy showing off your tattoos but don’t want them showing, then a smart pair of cardigan trousers will work far better than a loud pair of tights and a tattoo-adorned jacket. It works equally well to show off your tattoo or perhaps have a bit of glittering jewellery attached to the top of your sport coat!

A two-button wool blazer works equally well with black trousers or a dark leggings. This is because both fabrics can work as equally smart alternatives to trousers and also look good with a smart belt. It is important not to team a black blazer with a pair of grey skinny jeans because they simply don’t work. Instead you should consider pairing a black blazer with a black or navy pair of trousers for the most impact.The Basics of Men’s Blazer.

Slim fit blazers are another great option. These are very popular right now, especially for the young generation. They tend to not be as dressy as some other blazers on the market and are particularly suited to tuxedo-style occasions where formality isn’t needed. For example, they work perfectly with black pants or tuxedo-type jackets. A slim-fit blazer with a double-breasted cuff is always an easy style to accessorize with. They are also less formal than a two-button wool blazer, so if you’re attending a less formal event, then you could probably get away with wearing one.

Black blazers such as black wool blazers are ideal for almost any occasion. Even if you have a black suit which is always appropriate for office attire, you could still wear a wool blazer with it for a more dressed up look. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your office though, you’ll want to find a wool blazer with the proper dress code.

Cotton wool blazers are another alternative and are very appropriate for every occasion, whether formal or informal. Again, you’ll need to match them with appropriate trousers or jackets and even a double breasted or button down shirt if you’re attending a less formal event. Cotton blazers come in all sizes and shapes, so if you’re shopping in a larger size chart, they should fit you well. The best way to go about buying a blazer with a double breasted or button down shirt is to make sure that the jacket and shirt come in the same size as each other and buy by the size of the men’s blazer that you’re planning on wearing.

Another good option is sport coat jackets. Sport coat jackets are made for everyday wear, so they can be worn with everything from jeans and shirts to the tweed skirt and tweed sports jackets. You should consider the purpose of the sport coat before you buy one and remember to pick a color that matches your skin tone. Black is usually considered a neutral color and is great for both men and women, but if you don’t like black, consider something a little brighter like red.The Basics of Men’s Blazer.

Wool sport coats are great for more formal occasions such as office attire or dinner dinners. They should have a longer sleeve and be able to be buttoned up or down without creasing. When picking out a sport coat, you should focus on making sure it is not too casual and that you feel comfortable with it. You can find sport coats in almost any size and style and the best way to shop for them is online. There are websites that specialize in men’s and women’s suits, blazers, and jackets and even accessories like belts, hats, and wallets to complete the look.

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