Cargo Pants

The Most Recommended Of Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants, also known as combat pants, or cargo boots, sometimes called utility pants after their original military function, are low-rise cargo pants originally developed for rough outdoor use, and whose style is characterized by a single or several cargo pockets. They’re made of heavy-duty cotton and polyester-cotton blend materials for maximum comfort and durability. Cargo pants are most often worn by the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines; they’re ideal for both day and nighttime wear due to their durability and versatility.The Most Recommended Of Cargo Pants.

Cargo pants were initially created for the US Navy, specifically for sailors engaged in long-distance journeys such as voyages and extensive shore-to-shore trips. Cargo pants are available in a variety of styles, including cargo boots. These pants are generally used as full-body suits; however, there are some cargo pants with knee straps that are designed for use as a pair of pants worn under a jacket. Mentioned below are descriptions of three types of military cargo pants.

Low-rise cargo pants have one or two cargo pockets at the front of the leg. This is the normal position of the waist, and the pockets may be zippers, Velcro or snap closures. They are sometimes belted. Low-rise cargo pants are great for light-duty work, for general everyday use, or to cover up a larger pant sized piece of clothing such as a pair of shorts or a skirt.

Mid-rise cargo pants have two or three external pockets (often zippered), each one attached to the mid-line or second layer of the pants. A drawstring is usually the closure for these types of cargo pants. The legs of mid-rise cargo pants have a slightly higher rise than regular men’s pants, up to thirty-five inches from top to bottom. These cargo pants offer a slimming effect and can help to keep the waist small. Because of their higher rise, they are only appropriate for slightly tall and thin guys.The Most Recommended Of Cargo Pants.

Straight cut cargo pants have one external pocket, which may not be zippered, along with a pair of cargo pockets located in strategic areas on the side of the legs. These cargo pants are designed so that the waistband is slimmer around the mid-section. These types of cargo pants offer a slimming effect, although they don’t look like much when worn by themselves. These cargo pants are good for use as an undergarment, or with leggings or other sheer fabrics. For maximum versatility try using cargo pants with an adjustable tie-back.

One final, absolutely recommended, style of cargo pants design is the gusseted type. Gussets are essentially cargo pants with a separate cargo section in the front. There are actually several styles of gusseted cargo pants, including the regular hounded gusseted cargo pants, the boxy gusseted cargo pants, the ruffled gusseted cargo pants, and even the pleated gusseted cargo pants. The main difference is that there are no external pockets, but rather several small ones inside the fabric of the front of the pant. Like all cargo pants, they are designed for utility rather than fashion.

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